Sunday, June 8, 2008

10 Hottest and Sexiest Sci-Fi Women Ever!

"Woman" is a subject that does not frequent the Geek mind. However, once is a while a woman comes along that completely blows (no pun inteded) every male, and some female geeks away. For a period of time that woman will occupy his mind, his desktop and his right hand will be named after her. These women can appear out of nowhere. Usually though, they pop out of movies, games and cartoons. This article has grouped together in no particular order, arguably the 10 hottest chicks of all time, spanning all ages and all forms of media. Chicks that are guaranteed to have given thousands of nerds and geeks thousands of lumps in their pants.

Lara Croft - This collection of pixels went straight from the screen and into your pants. She's hot, carries an arsenal of deadly firearms, is a fabulous gymnast, and does what you tell her to do - except that, Eidos didn't program that. Many bespectacled, hunch-backed and pimply boys fantasied about being her and being inside her. Many tissues fell in the war to clean keyboards and monitors in the aftermath. This tomb raider was responsible for taking the first-wank virginity of many a nerd. Pics

Seven-of-Nine - Who hasn't fantasized doing a sixty-nine with seven-of-nine? The poor Borg! Little did they know that their implants, far from assimilating seven-of-nine, would make everyone want to implant something in her. It's a pity that no one took advantage of her quest to be more human by showing her that unlike the Borg's electromechanical implants, there are less painful sausage like biological ones. Hottest most do-able Borg ever. Pics

Princess Leia - There is something kinky and perverted seeing Leia in a super sexy metal bikini and a fat, slimy and ugly Jabba the Hutt slavering close to her. You almost want Jabba to do something nasty to the princess. Dang, if I was Jabba, that metal bikini would have been in the Rancor pit and I would have been on top of Leia's fair naked body. The kit has also become very popular with the cosplay community. So for all you leia freaks out there, there are a lot of Leia look-a-likes around. All you need is a van with tinted windows, a blackjack and some masking tape. Pics

Col. Wilma Deering - Hot Damn! Spacechips, lasers, planets, aliens and Colonel Deering in incredibly short skirts. How much could a little boy take? Buck Rogers delivered on every level. Added to this volatile mix is the fact that I was probably small enough to look up her skirt! The episode where telepathic midget aliens try, and partly succeed at unbuttoning her tunic seems to be indelibly imprinted in my mind. Pics

Wonder Woman - A beautiful woman running around in a swimsuit and boots. Her super heroine suit may look positively prudish in today's Wicked Weasel micro bikini age. However, back then, it was ultra sexy. Those blue briefs, red high heel boots, that lustrous black hair and the lasso of truth were just plain wholesome. She could have lassoed my heart or any other body part, any day. Pics

Ellen Ripley - You don't get much tougher than this girl. She's running around in panties and a singlet, but you know that if you try to mess with her, she will rip your balls off, put them in your mouth and stick her boot so far up your ass, that she will kick you in the nuts. Just ask those bad-ass aliens she put to rest. Ain't nothing sexier than a chick in panties holding a weapon of mass destruction. i.e Ripley giving me a handjob.

Uhura - The hot communications officer aboard the original USS Enterprise. She's also the first black chick to appear in a major TV series and was a participant in tv's first interracial kiss with James T. Kirk. She made that boring federation uniform look hot and those thighs looked like they could strangle a lucky alligator. Her short skirts always threatened upskirt, but sadly never delivered. I'd like to teleport her uniform to the edge of the universe, and herself onto me. Pics

Aika Sumeragi - More white panties than a fastidious convent. With panty flashes every 20 odd seconds who can fault this anime creature of repressed sexuality? With legs that literally start from her neck and end up 3 feet under the earth, she's the leggiest blond around and is not afraid to use those pins in some serious round-house kicks. The Japs are obviously obsessed with panties and young looking women, i.e namasera, burusera etc. But we can enjoy this without going to a perverted extreme. Pics

Samus Aran- This is probably my personal choice. When I first played Metroid on the NES with my brother, we were blown away at the end when the bounty hunter removed it's helmet to reveal beautiful flowing hair. There was shock, horror and yes, even outrage at first. But these soon turned to worship. She was my first (heroine), and you never forget your first. My NES is now probably buried in a dump somewhere with cockroaches using it as a home, but Samus still lives on in my mind.

Sexy babe no. 10 -This last slot is a place holder for you. Who gave you a lump in your pants?

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Anonymous said...

Boomer (the current, hot female version, not the original male one). Why? Are you fucking joking?

Anonymous said...

Maya in 'Space 1999' A shape shifting 50 kg bag of sex appeal.

Anonymous said...

Dude, looks like you've got sex on the brain.

Cafe_Cafe said...

I´m impressed. Very good list.
This is my Top 10 Sexiest women in Sci-Fi TV series. I vote Jessica Alba for N° 10.
Regards from Uruguay.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I love to read stories like this. By the way add more pics :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite for Top 10 is the late Katie Saylor who enthralled me in a short skirt on 1977's "The Fantastic Journey." Why is she so little recognized I had to search to find a mention of her on the Internet?