Friday, November 30, 2012

How to generate content for facebook

Ever wonder how to generate content for facebook? How to engage and delight your peers with your razor sharp wit, interesting anecdotes and pithy sayings? Well wonder no more. Here is a flowchart that will guide you in your admirable endeavor. Years and years of gathering empirical evidence and assiduous research have been distilled down to this finely honed flowchart. Generate facebook content at will and watch in wonder as the likes and recommendations flow in.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What My Friends Think I Do meme

What my friends think I do meme. - Memes with a twist.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Being Lara Bingle

Who the bloody hell is Lara Bingle? She's Australia's answer to Kim Kadashian. A thing/creature that is famous for well... being famous. Did you know that she was Michael Clark's flesh light? Now don't go asking who the bloody hell Michael Clark is. Anyway Clark, who is no bright spark himself finally cottoned on to the fact that having sex with a doll would probably be more satisfying and helluva lot cheaper.

What's the difference between a sex dolly and Lara Bingle? You don't know how dumb the sex dolly is because it doesn't talk!

Anyway, Lara Bingle has her own show now. It's called 'Being Lara Bingle.' If you wanted to watch some mindless drivel where a bunch of half-witted f-wits pick on each other then this is the show you have been waiting for. Lara Bingle is not far off from the bluntest tool in the shed, let alone the sharpest tool, so any show where she opens her mouth for the purpose of talking is going to suck! I want hear what Hillary Clinton has to say, well not really. I definitely do not wan't to hear how a blowup doll spent her day!

What I want Lara Bingle to do is take her top off, and bottom off, but most of all I wan't her to shut up. Because she looks good with her mouth closed. She would also look good with her mouth open, provided she's not talking with it. Because if you squint a bit you can almost imagine that she's not some air-headed publicity whore and maybe even worth a bit of your time.

Big Brother 2013 Australia

Ok so Big Brother is trying to make anohter comback. Big Brother was dead, it was resuscitated and it died again. An now chanel 10 is trying to reussrect the half decomposed corpse of big borther again. Hello Zombie! We've always been huge fans of bigbrother, profved thare was a log of fighting, crying, turkey slapping, hand jobbing and panty flashing action. I don't want to watch morons stuck in a house all day. If I wanted to, I would watch friends. We want the naughty stuff. We want lewdness, toplessness and hopefully some sex action! Sexy Sonia Krueger will be the new host of this latest incarnation of big brother. She's a hot gal and she should do well. Compared to the ill fated Kyle and Jackie-Os dog breakfast of a hosting of BB last time, a dead person will do better.