Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbad - superbad or just plain bad?

At first glance it looks like another "loser try'n to get laid" movie. On second glance you may notice that one of the losers is also fat. If you look past the gratuitous foul language and real-life documentary on the LAPD that director Greg Mottola squeezed in, you will find something really ironic and partly satisfying. Like half a bottle of fat free bacon.

Seth (Jonah Hill) want's to get Jules drunk so he can sleep with her. His best friend Evan (Michael Cera) really respects Becca whom he has the hots for. Both losers think that the girls don't like them.The irony is that girls really do like the boys. The real irony is that, Jules wants to have sex with Seth, but won't because he's drunk. Also, the fact that Becca is drunk and wants to have sex with Evan is also ironic, because Seth is the one who wanted a drunk chick and Evan a sober one. This movie will give hope to countless geeks and nerds. Hope that they can one day be in with a remote chance of having sex with a hot chick. It is this cheesy 'happy ending' that rubbishes the movie. In which universe will a fat nerd get to go out with a popular girl? Hello! I mean we're not living on planet 'whack job' are we?

The Good- The irony is beautifully crafted. Seth stating "we can be that mistake."

The Bad- The documentary on the LAPD they squeezed in with the help of a third character called McLovin.

And the Ugly- Period stain on jeans

Alternatives - American Pie 1&2, Loser

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