Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sexiest Car in the World - Ferrari 458 Italia
Tiger's Wood
What's on Kim Kardashian's Mind? Twitter thoughts
Why is Bing Not Indexing My Site?
FINA Swimsuit Controversy - The Sexy Solution
Amen to Thongs and G-strings ?
Why The Japanese Are Leading The Next Sexual Revolution.
What's on Paris Hilton's Mind? Twitter Thoughts
Prince Charles The Pervy
Sandra Bullock Trying To Be Nude, But Not Nude Enough.
Twittering Idiots Lessen, as People Find Life
Honda: Literally Going to the Dogs
Introducing New Adult Text Smileys. Be Different!
Facebook Observations
Is the Economic Crisis bigger than the Universe?
Why Electric Cars Suck
Sexy Triumph Lingerie Calendar 2009
Jennifer Aniston Nude? Nope, Close But No Cigar.
New Nissan Patrol. Old Rivalry Between Patrol And Cruiser at an End
How To Save Money In Times of Financial Crisis
A Dummy's Guide To The Global Financial Crisis
A Woman's Guide To Man (Star Wars)
Best Fathers Day Gifts - Give your dad what he really wants
Lewis Hamilton Bitch Slaps Phillipe Massa
The Truth about Moving the Lawn
All New Nissan X-Trail Review
Big Brother, Blond Bombshells, Bimbos and Boredom
Handjob Highlight of Big Brother
10 Hottest and Sexiest Sci-Fi Women Ever!
What is the KRud (Kevin Rudd) doing for Aussie Battlers?
Religious Views From Behind the Pews
Space Oddity - For articles that defy definition
Celebrity Central
Have Rice Boys and Girls Been Abandoned By The Car Maker?
Have Riceboys and Ricegirls Been Abandoned By the New Generation Rockets?
Fast Food Information ala Google
Important Facts On Sex With a Midget
Movie Reviews by the People's Critic
Big Brother 2008 Australia, Housemate Roundup
Conversations With God - Part 1
Britney Spears - Limerick Profile
Sing-Along Celebs
Big Brother 2008 Australia. Something Different
Oprah Winfrey - Limerick Profile
Nissan GT-R. Will Godzilla Dominate The Tokyo Skyline?
Superhero Movie Review. Lamer Than A Dead Donkey?
Top 10 Reasons A Non-Tibetan Will Join The Anti-China Protest
Paris Hilton - Limerick Profile
Why Are The Anti-China Tibet Protesters Ruining the Olympics for Everybody?
IRAQ: US Soldiers Shoot Insurgents. Australian Soldier Shoots Himself
Man Gets Pregnant. Very Fabric of the Universe is Threatened
The Wankiest, Most Moronic April Fools Jokes You Can Pull
Is the New Euro Civic type-R (FN2) For Posers? Has Honda Japan Given It the Cold Shoulder?
Cory Worthington - Party Liaison
Life Help For Geeks, Nerds and Dorks
Heather Mills Jokes
Creative Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog
Let's Kill the Chocolate Peddling Evil Easter Bunny
14 Deadly Sins Explained in Modern Language
Ways Of Making Japanese Whaling More Acceptable
HSV Commodore W427 unveiled in Melbourne. Australia's most powerful Holden
Top 10 Names for Jennifer Lopez's twins
School Shootings - Illinois latest. Who is to Blame?
Charlie Wilson's War - Rocket launcher or water pistol?
Christians vs Muslims - Age Old Rivalry in the 21st Century
10 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever - For A Woman
Britney Spears in Playboy's Top 25 Sexiest Celebs
I am Legend - Zombie knock off or truly legendary?
Superbad - superbad or just plain bad?
10 Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts.
50 years of Lego. Where the heck has our imagination gone.
Colonel Sanders vs Ronald McDonald
Why All The Wailing About Japanese Whaling?
Practical Tools and Ways To Increase The Productivity Of Your Blog
10 Practical Ways to Generate Traffic

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