Sunday, February 17, 2008

School Shootings - Illinois latest. Who is to Blame?

There has been yet another school shooting in the states. This time it's poor illinois to add to the already growing casualty list that includes Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee and California.

It comes just 10 months after 32 students and staff were gunned down by that youtube nut job at Virginia Tech Uni. These shooters are not completely insane, because they know the consequences of their actions and so save the last bullet for themselves. Also, there are no reports of shooters frothing at the mouth.

Whose hands are covered in the innocent children's blood? Okay, maybe some of the students were not that innocent. Maybe some of them were junkies and coke whores. But we digress. Basically, who the fuck is to blame for this shit!

There are a couple of culprits here, but the leading contenders are the 2nd Ammendment and the NRA, violent media such as games, movies and rap songs and last but not least pornography.

The 2nd Amendment is the right to bear firearms in case of an emergency. What kind of emergency will require a 12 gauge shotgun or a desert eagle handgun? Let us see. Maybe While you are waiting to cross the street a couger suddenly takes it upon himself to pounce on your person. Or while waiting inline at the fish market a grizzly bear taps you on the shoulder and says "I've got the surf can you be my turf?" Or Billy the Kid challenges you to a duel because you made sweet love to his horse- and 'Tha Kid' is strictly a one horse guy. Come on. When will you really nead a gun that can saw a person in half or one that can penetrate 1 inch of steel?

Part of the problem is that the filthy rich NRA (National Rifle Association) want to keep selling guns and making blood money. So they continuously lobby the government to leave the gun laws as they are. They also probably fund presidential campaigns too. The NRA's pathetic excuse has always been that if you tighten up the gun laws, that just makes it harder for innocent people to obtain guns. Felons and rappers will always manage to obtain guns so the balance of power will move in favor of the felons. I'd sooner believe that Bill Clinton didn't have sexual relations with Monica than this cold war gunfight between innocent people and felons. Guns are not a solution for anything - except maybe to take down some of those NRA supporting rednecks and their sister-cum-wives. At this rate every man and his dog will be packing some serious heat soon. Someone has to stand up to these NRA redneck gun whores! Not bend over and lower your pants like George W. Bush.

Media is another problem. Gaming consoles let users indulge in interactive life like wholesale massacring of innocent people, animals and women. Some games attempt to get around this by portraying the vanquished as vile aliens or dastardly pokemon - who knows which is scarier, vicious aliens packing 100 kiloton weapons or cute fluffy creatures with cannons in there chests and the ability to administer electric shocks from their ears that would put Taser to shame. When you play these mega violent games (Hitman, Pokemon Diamond) and watch these hyper violent and oft disgusting movies (Saw, Hottie and the Nottie), you become desentisized. Taking lives becomes as easy as taking pills or eating KFC, or seeing Britney's snatch.

America has to get rid of it's gun culture, but it's hard with war mongering morons in parliament. If there is any sort of instability, the first thing the US does is kick out is foreign policy, like kicking Ghandi in the nuts, then invade some poor country like John Rambo or some other macho loser played by a second rate actor such as Jean-Claude Van Damme. Guns are bad and they have no place when dealing with humans. If the government sets the example, the flock will follow.

PS: Porn is the root of all evil- and has a hand in all the ills of the world

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Anonymous said...

The Police are not capable of protecting everyone. It seems reasonable to me that a person be allowed to protect himself by carrying a concealed handgun.