Thursday, February 28, 2008

Top 10 Names for Jennifer Lopez's twins

JLo's baby pics worth 6 million.
Nicole Kidman's baby pics worth a few million.
Christina Aguilera's baby worth only 1 million.

Aren't these stars rich enough? They earn millions a year and now they want to flog their babies for more profit. This is ridiculous. At least Branjelina gave their money from the baby pics to UNICEF. I hope these other couples follow suit. But somehow I don't think white trash diva Christina Aguilera and titanic-ass JLo will be so generous. Also, looks like Christina is pretty miffed by the fact that JLo's twins are commanding 6mil while her little bundle of nappy rash is only good for 1 mil. She's so pissed she's fired a lot of people including her PR company. Well the problem is JLo has TWO babies, and her husband is Marc Anthony, that's gotta be worth a couple of million. Have you heard of a piss-ant called Jordan Bratman? Who the fuck is Jordan Bratman? Well, it's the name of the animal that fathered Christina's child. Now you see why she's lucky to get 1 mil. I thought that she'd have to pay the tabloids to put pics of her little poo-factory in them.

We, 'the people,' made Jennifer Lopez. By listening to her rubbish songs, enduring her vomit inducing movies and tolerating that titanic in-your-face ass. We own her! We should be able to get down on that fat sexy ass, the way Ben Affleck got down. Yu-uu-uck! Ben Affleck you are a sick fat-latino-ass loving porno freak! Anyway we own her babies. They should be given to the public for free.

Anyway, here are the top 10 baby nick-names for JLo's baby boy and girl

3 million smackeroos & look, another 3 million

Malibu House & New York Apartment

Screw you Ben & Stuff you Chris

Range Rover Vogue & Aston Martin DB9

Money bag number 1 & Money bag number 2

Laughing all the way to the bank & Laughing all the way to the bank - again.

Sucker born every minute & Another minute, another sucker

Screw the adoring fans & Screw them again

Little JLo & Little JLo with little balls

Little Mark Anthony & little Mark Anthony without balls

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