Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wankiest, Most Moronic April Fools Jokes You Can Pull

Want to find out how you can pwn a colleague at work this April 1st with these fantastic ideas for some really original April fools pranks.

Get pregnant by your boyfriend a couple of months before April fool's day. Then, on the day, go up to your boy friend and say, 'honey aren't you glad I'm not pregnant?'

Select a friend who has a fairly common car for this. Obtain a good hefty baseball, and take to his car like Ryu in the car smashing bonus round in Street fighter. Once his car has been done in, take a couple of pics of the car making sure that the number plate is not clearly visible. Then send him a mail with the pics saying 'Man, I'm so glad this is not your car.'

Rock up to your boss and yell, 'you scum sucking penny pinching ass wipe. I fucked your wife, screwed your mother and raped your daughter, and your daughter enjoyed it. I'm fucking quiting this piece of trash job.' After that quickly add, 'Happy April fool ass hole!'

Walk up to that sexy co-worker you've been ogling for a long time and say, 'I'd like to have hot monkey lovin sex with you.' If she looks shocked, quickly says it's an April fools joke, before she slaps you in the face. If, however, it appears that she may actually be considering the proposition because she's never had sex with the abominable snowman before, leave out the April fool part and take her to bed. You might want to try this out on other less sexy women also.

Get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. Find out once and for all if she's ok just having sex or whether you'll have to dump her because she wants more, without any pressure of actually having to marry her.

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