Friday, May 2, 2008

Britney Spears - Limerick Profile

There was once a cute girl called spears,
Whose voice was like music to our ears,
But her most exciting stunt;
Was the flash of her cunt,
Which will outlast all her songs for years.

Britney shaved off her beautiful head,
Which she did when she dumped Kfed,
But this was not enough;
So she shaved her muff,
To stop the itching in her now empty bed.

Her virginity was vouched by many an insider,
But all the while dirty Timberlake was inside her,
Had accidents in cars;
But more so in bars,
And Paris Hilton is rumored to have muff dived her.

If we write off her wild partying as a sin,
And we dump that quack Phil's comments in the bin,
As a mum she's not half bad;
Tho at times a little mad,
But a million times better than slutty Jamie Lynn.

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty funny shit.