Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Nude? Nope, Close But No Cigar.

Only a few people have seen Jen nude. These include Vince Vuaghn and Brad Pitt and most recently the photographer for GQ magazine. Unfortunately these losers have not obliged us with nudie pics of her. She just recently appeared on the cover and in GQ mag - semi nude as usual -Yaaaawwn! For all those girl-next door fans out there, I hate to disappoint you, but there are no nude pics of Ms Jennifer Aniston. No upskirts, downblouse, nippleslips, panty flashes etc. The question is why does she continue to tease men and lesbos with semi nude pics, always with her nipples and muff covered by strategically placed objects?

I'm guessing it's because thats all she has. Once she completely gets her kit off, that will be it. No one will be interested in her anymore. Kind of like the anti-climax you feel after a wank. But she need not fear because other famous stars have continued to shine even after they have satisfied the you-tubers with good old fashined nudity.

Angelina Jolie has gone full frontal and sent most men's blood south (i.e. penis, south get it?). She's still a hugley bankable as well as wankable star. Nicole Kidman aka ice princess has gone full ftontal too, though it was thankfully in a play. Jessica Biel will soon take some of it off aswell.

There is life after nudity, unless you have played and bluffed with the 'girl-next-door' card for so long that once you put them down on the table, every one sees that you aint got jack. So here's the dilemma. If Jen continues to cock tease the internet-ers and you-tubers, how long can she keep it up? These people though not too bright have some modicum of intelligence. They are going to cotton on to the fact that there is no climax at the end of all the teasing. On the other hand if she does bare it all then there is a high probability that the internet-ers and you-tubers will just probably say 'is that it?'

Poor Jen. To bare or not to bare, that my friends is the question

PS: I forgot, there is one pic of her without her top, at least people seem to think it's her. Happy googling!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, here is the pic. There was some legal issues regarding this pic, so you better download it and save it before it's all taken down.

WARNING! This picture contains semi nudity and may be offensive to weirdos.
Jen An topless

Anonymous said...

i hear she is mad for massive cocks