Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Nissan Patrol. Old Rivalry Between Patrol And Cruiser at an End

Looks like the new Nissan Patrol has arrived to finally end the debate. The debate that has raged on since the start of 4x4 as to which is better, the Nissan Patrol or the Toyota Landcruiser. There is no more reason for debate as the Patrol and the Cruiser now look virtually the same. Although details are sketchy we beleive a turbo diesel unit similar in capacity and output to the Toyota's 4.2, ifs and live rear axle and separate chassis. The square-ish macho silhouette of the old Patrol has put on some weight and curves in it's new incarnation. Looks like the years have been quite unkind. As a matter of fact the new Patrol can be mistaken as a 'riced out' Cruiser. Let's hope that at least the prices are different.

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