Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook Observations

These days facebook and twitter seem to be all the rage. When I mean rage I mean rage like Alec Baldwin going off (not getting off) on his daughter. Every Tom Dick, Harriet and Mr-Ass has a facebook account today. Even companies, talk shows, beggars on the street, pet gerbils, half dead grannies and fully dead grannies for that matter, are on facebook. So what has precipitated this massive religious-like fervent interest in facebook that is the envy of scientology and the late David Koresh?

The old definition of a social networking site was a place where a geek would go to seek like minded geeks. But only after his/her eyes started to water continuously after playing WarCraft for three straight days, his/her supply of redbull or tissue paper ran out and his/her right hand/finger got tired or maybe the batteries in 'that' device ran out.

However, now these sites are keenly visited by so called 'normal' people. In fact hot -potential cheerleader- chicks with really really really nice boobs are now being real geeks by spending days in front of their dainty little apples because of facebook.

People have hundreds of friends they would never be caught dead with in real life and know the most intimate details of when these people are going to the crapper, what they are having for lunch, what's currently making them sad, happy, horny or constipated. Most people constantly keep refreshing the browser for hours on end in the faint hope that something will change, like one of their so called friends suddenly getting the runs or someone posting a video of a rabbit humping a chicken.

Many people claim that facebook replaces face to face meetings with people? I don't think so. Not unless your PC can put her hand down your pants and grab your privates- we will always need a real person to do that. How much fun really can sex be in worlds like Second Life? Not a lot of fun, especially if that hot bikini-clad chick avatar is in real life a pot bellied homophobic construction worker and you can't really manipulate the mouse and your joystick at the same time. I doubt that people are using facebook to actually replace face to face contact. Nope, they are replacing work with facebook in the office. Let's face it. Any guy would have real sex with a fat chick that has been sparingly beaten with an ugly stick rather than have a wank to a virtual Lara Croft.

But we love facebook because by dint of being freinds of freinds of friends we get to see lots of hot chicks and hunky guys in various states of undress and insobriety. AND you can join thousands of meaningless groups such as "We dophins are intelligent too" and waste your time playing zillions of trivia games with inane questions such as what colour tampon does Tom Cruise wear?(What colour is Katie Holmes again?).

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Anonymous said...

Pre 21st century, if you spent more than 2 hours a day on your computer you didn't have a life. Now, if you don't spend more than 2 hours a day on some kind of eletronic gadget you don't have a life.