Sunday, March 8, 2009

Introducing New Adult Text Smileys. Be Different!

Tired of the same old boring smileys/emoticons :-) ? Well here are some interesting adult smileys that you can use to vent your frustration. Some of them need a bit of lateral thinking, but they are all good. No daft images, just plain text only. See if you can create some yourself. This is the birth of a whole new set of smileys.

O|O You've got big balls.
?|? Where are your balls?
8- Small dick.
8====> Monster C*ck.
(_|_) ! Cute ass!
(_!_) Ass hole.
((_|_)) Shake that booty!
(__|__) Fat Ass!
(_ T_ ) Thong'ed (G-sting'ed) ass!
(.)(.) ! Wow! Nice Rack.
(*)(*) Perky!
(@)(@) Puffy!
( . )( . ) ?! Are those double Ds? DDang!
(Y) ! Nice legs.
( Y )
Thunder thighs.
8===> You're turning me on.

:-} o|o Lick my balls.
:-}(.)(.) Lick my tits.
:-X (_|_) Kiss My Ass
..|.. Up yours pal/Flip the bird.
.||.. Two fingered salute.
->? Get Lost.
\T/ C*nt!
\|/ Nice Camel toe!
\0/ Slut!
(Y)--8 Humping.
\T/--8 More humping.
|zzzzz> :-) Go screw yourself.
69 69
(0)__ Ass wipe(hard).

|zzzzz> Screwed.
-> ~~~~
Go jump in the Lake.
8--.|||| Wanker (this needs some thought).
---C Tool.
8==> ~ ~ 0-: ? Do you swallow.
8< Scissors!!
8-- (_!_) ? Do you want it in the ass/Can I do you in the ass?
8-- X (_!_) Ass? I don't think so!
8-- (.)(.) ? Titty f**k
8--0-; BJ.
:-} \T/ Cunnilingus.

Arrow through my heart.
(:=X Skull and crossbones.
~~<> O
Knocked Up!
:-XX-: French Kiss.
:-*(-: Peck on the cheek.
(Y)(Y)--8 ? How about a threesome?
(Y)(Y)--8--8 ? How about a

.|. & 4o|~ Every Man and his Dog.
8--4o|~ Bestiality.

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Rohini said...

hehe..these are great!!!

Charles_D said...

This is really crazy! Adult text smileys! You're a genius.


Anonymous said...


CJ said...

:Pd: = French Kiss (tongues)

Anonymous said...

:pd: = French Kiss (alternate)

Anonymous said...

8^P{()} Cunnilingus
8^=8 oral sex

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what this one means? :)-(:

Unknown said...

What dose this mean ;) l l

Jazz said...


Anonymous said...

I use this for wanka.....

Debz x

Unknown said...

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