Monday, May 4, 2009

Twittering Idiots Lessen, as People Find Life

If updating your status on twitter is called tweeting then the person doing the updating must be a twit or maybe a twidiot. This is obviously a condensed and mentally challenged form of social networking. It is like twitter is the quarter-wit brother of half-wit facebook.

This author heard sometime back that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were the most followed and were tweeting very regulary. Ashton should stop wasting time wanking off to Striptease while tweeting , and instead grab that old but sexy Demi and show her who her daddy is. Then again he doesn’t want jump Demi only to find out it’s actually that walking accident Brittany Murphy wearing a mission impossible style Demi moor ‘make-me-sexy’ mask and that he’d been well and truly punked! What about the idiots (yes you) that slavishly followed the ass-hat adventures of Ashton on twitter? Did you think that you could vicariously cop a feel from Demi Moore, despite the fact that Ashton hasn't been able to satisfy her, an any conceivable way yet? Well? So how does it feel to be confronted by one sexy MILF and not be able to get it up, and instead have to slink away into the toilet and introduce yourself to Mrs Palm and her 5 daughters.

Good news is that people are finally giving twitter the proverbial finger and leaving. Because, at the end of the day, no one want’s to know, when, what and for how long Kevin Bacon took a shit or when Christopher Walken got caught cheating on his right hand with his left, in the attic. People have realized that there is a life out there and that daily chores such as having a shit and maybe a wank – though may sound exotic when other celebs are doing it – is still best done by yourself. Well done people I’m impressed. Let's go find life and leave freeze-dried social networking to peadophiles that masquerade as little boys and pimply little boys who masquerade as little girls.

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