Sunday, May 3, 2009

Honda: Literally Going to the Dogs

In the distant past there was once a legendary japanese motor company that produced an amazing car called the SiR, a fabulous series of B-motors with the highest specific outputs and incredible rev limits and sparked a legend with the notorious ‘type-R’ badge. A badge that to this day, that has crossed the bounadaries of manufacturers and indeed crossed the vehicular boundary into everyday parlance. This company today is making cars for dogs. WTF dogs? Yep, you heard it, dogs. How the mighty Honda has fallen. The fall highlited by the fact that the brawn F1 team – formerly known as Honda- is kicking ass this year after it replaced the shitty Honda powerplant by a Mercedes built one. Did we fail to mention that the S2000 replacemnet was canned so Honda can concentrate on the its hybrid? Consider yourseld mentioned!

Does Honda have any self respect left? People love a brand not just for the cars they can afford, but also the aura the brand generates through racing and fast and sexy sports cars. Nissan has the legendary GT-R, Mitusbishi and Subaru the boy-racer EVOs and STIs, Mazda has got the RX8 and Toyota has the new Supra on the way. What has Honda got? Why, a nice element with a cute mats-slide for your crippled dog who can’t jump 1 foot into the boot and I’m guessing a dog shit proof floor too. Or maybe the car has a special dog potty with a flush, and maybe even a prosthetic leg so your pooch can have some hump time or piss time - whichever catches its fancy. Maybe even a special saliva proof mini TV for your dog so he can watch shows such as "Cats getting owned" or "PlayDog" or possibly "GayDog" if your dog is a homo. Really high tech stuff, well done Honda!

Please don't even bother with the FD2 type-R or Mugen RR or some kind of rubbish like that. Those cars have no soul. They are not proper athletes like Usain Bolt, but Joe Blow on steroids, in a lycra suit and with some plastic surgery to reduce weight by removing his beer gut and man-boobs. I'm talking about fast cars not highly strung FWD rice rockets that you have to thrash the living daylights out of, just to beat an old lady at the lights, on a walker.

The day I decide to buy my dog a car instead of buying one for myself, please someone, runover my dog.

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Anonymous said...

Honda has really started to suck recently. They have to bring back the hero car.