Monday, July 27, 2009

Why The Japanese Are Leading The Next Sexual Revolution.

The Japanese are a demure race. They gave us words such as ninja, samurai, karate, walkman and vtec, that have found their way into common parlance. They are a hardworking, elderly respecting, quietly intelligent and panty sniffing race. Yup, we have a lot to thank the Japanese for, and I don't just mean for the cheap good quality cars. The ever creative Japs have come up with some super perverted stuff such as used-panty dispensing vending machines and anime with 100 panty flashes a minute. Yes, from their weird sexual hentai animation to PVC clad race queens, the land of the rising sun has given rise to many things, not lease the rising lump in my pants. So what makes these ordinarily fairly ordinary -if a little short - people go berserk - indulge in panty pursuits such as burusera and namasera, and resort to sharking? Sharking is not catching sharks, it's running behind women and stripping off their skirts in public.

Is it the culture? Does a restrained, overtly inhibitive and traditional culture incubate such innovative perversion? What about more liberal societies such as the scandinavian countries? Nope, all they want to do is get wasted on space cakes, legalise gay marriages and watch big brother. The true sexual revolution occurs in Japanese homes, in front of the internet and TV. Let us all give thanks to the creative, perverse and sexual genius of the Japanese for introducing something different into the daily boring porn mix.

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