Monday, July 27, 2009

Amen to Thongs and G-strings ?

The Brazilians gave us cocoa beans and thongs(G-String). But which is more important today- Chocolate or skimpy swim wear? They are both vital to the human race in terms of nutrition and well being. But we think the thong is the more important contribution. No single item of clothing or lack thereof has caused such a stir as the humble thong. Ever since the first bikini - named after the explosive atomic bomb that was set off on bikini atoll, there been not been a more explosive item of sartorial genius than the thong.

Why do we love it? Because less is more. Because it exposes a lot without really exposing anything. Because it shows enough to  hold your attention without covering too much so that you're bored. Because women feel sexy wearing it and men get the sexy feeling thinking about women wearing them- even if the women are not really wearing them. It makes both parties feel sexy. Not like diamonds, fast cars, etc  which only make one sex feel good and the opposite sex short changed or bewildered. It is this shared sexuality that gives the thong its allure.

Women feel empowered with the thong(G-String). Even if no one can see that you're wearing one, it makes you feel adventurous, a little naughty, bold, baring and sexy.  Men are always imagining women to be wearing thongs. They just can't help being perverts.

Let us give thanks to the humble thong. Bringer of happiness to many people out there, especially geeks in front of computers late at night! Amen!.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is but I love thongs. I think it's because they cover just enough!