Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why is Bing Not Indexing My Site?

Google has indexed your entire site, so has Yahoo, but Bing hasn't indexed your site at all. You've logged into Bing's webmaster site and added your site as well as your sitemap, but still no luck. Bing is avoiding your site like a hypochondriac avoiding the plague.

Bing takes ages to index pages and it gets worse if you are using Blogger (blogspot) and Wordpress. Bing hates free services such as Blogger/Wordpress. You can't blame Bing. Blogger/Wordpress is full of millions on one post blogs of no value whatsoever. All the SEO in the world won't help you with Bing. Your only option is to get indexed by other sites and hope bing finds your pages through them.


Anonymous said...

There is an excellent thread on BING webmaster forum about BING indexing here -


nhudinh.hiep said...

Months ago, it did index my blog, but now when I checked it again, my blog was removed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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