Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tiger's Wood

So Tiger Wood, sticks his tiger's wood into numerous prey, and then claims that he's a sex addict. What an excuse! Every guy who has a pulse - no matter how feeble it is - is a sex addict. Come on which guy in this universe is not addicted to sex? Given the opportunity to shag 10 hot women a day, which man on this planet would say no? A man of the cloth you say? You have to change the offer to 10 boys for them.

There is no such thing as sex addiction for guys simple because every guy is a sex addict, even gay ones. So how are they going to wean tiger off his sex addiction? First they let him have sex with 10 women a day. Then they gradually reduce the number of women, until finally, he's just helping himself. Like nicotime patches that ease the pain, he may well be using flesh-lights and blow up dolls.

Tiger Woods does not have a sex addiction. His problem is he couln't keep it in his pants.

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