Monday, April 12, 2010

Sexiest Car in the World - Ferrari 458 Italia

There are few cars in the known universe that can claim second place behing Monica Bellucci. I say second place because nothing is sexier than Monica Bellucci, except Monica Bellucci in skimpy lingerie. Most cars fail to be sexier than my neighbours 200 pound Aunt. Aston Martins are pretty sexy and they just about beat Kate Winslet in English sexyness. But Ferraris are born in the same country that spawned Miss Bellucci and so have some of that 'sexy' DNA as a birthright. The Ferrari 458 Italia is one sexy, sexy car. It's so damn sexy that when I first saw it, I imagined what it would look like underneath that scarlet dress. Tubular carbon fibre chassis, race bred suspension, stainless steel pipes - the works. In fact this Ferrari made me forget about Monica Bellucci - for a whole 5 seconds!

When it comes to hot blooded cars, the Italians in general and Ferrari in particular have no peer. I can only imagine that the designers of this sexy, sexy car were either always making love to each other or self-loving themselves while they were creating it. You can't look at the car and not think of sex. It's sex on four wheels. And it's not cheap, hooker sex like a Jaguar, but passionate loving sex.

If Monica Bellucci had wheels she'd look like the 458. If the 458 had legs it would look like Monica Bellucci.

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Anadrol said...

This car is just too sexy for our streets!