Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Christians vs Muslims - Age Old Rivalry in the 21st Century

From the time of the crusades, when Richard the Lion heart and his valiant knights went to rid Jerusalem from the saracen menace, and their satanic ruler Saladin. Today, Jews occupy this sacred land, unfortunately. So the Rivalry between Muslims and Christians dates back to about 1095 when Pope Claremont hitched up his robe and screamed “kill the bastards” to the Council of Claremont. This was a holy war that lasted about 200 years. You don’t come out of 200 years of clashing broadswords and scimitars and say “fuck it, lets hug each other and forget about it.” No siree! 200 years is about the time it would take for hatred to be firmly encoded in the genes and the sub-conscious. The hatred between the infidel white devils and the terrorist Muslims. So if you are a Muslim hatin on the Christian white man, or a white man hatin on the Muslims – it is not your fault! Blame it on your forefathers who didn’t have Foxtel or sex toys, so had to get their kicks by acting out Rambo 4 .

Terrorism is a two sided light saber - like the one Darth Maul has. You can't point it at someone without it pointing at you. The perceived victim is also a terrorist, but in a more subtle way. So how do the Christian terrorists attack the Muslims? Simple! Apply cruel and crippling sanctions on already poor countries through the puppet UN, supporting Israel and killing that poor hapless bastard Saddam Hussein. How do the Mulsim terrorists retaliate? By blowing up the WTC and recruiting useless jack-asses like Dr Hanifa and David Hicks. The fact that both religions are steeped in violence doesn't help either. Moses slaughtered thousands including the Cainites, and Mohamed preached Jihad. However, the Quran does promise seven sexy virgins in heaven, so the Muslims may be slightly more partial towards death i.e. suicide bombings etc. Terrorism backed with a lot of Christian money manifests itself as a fight against human rights violations. Terrorism without money -Mulsim terrorism -manifests itself as blowing up buildings and infrastructure. Both forms cause untold grief.

There is one simple axiom in the animal kingdom. You fuck with animals, they will eventually fuck you back – Steve Irwin is a prime example of this. The best thing to do is mind your own god-damn business, pull your troops out, shut your pie hole and give Israel to the rightful owners – the saracens.

I'm sure every Muslim harbors at least a tiny smidgen of ill will towards Christians, and every Christian views a Muslim as a potential terrorist, at least in a small way. This is absolutely OK. You don't have to deny it. You're trying to, but it's not working! We do not have to love each other to get along. We just have to respect each other and our diverse cultures.

Oh, and don't forget to vote for Hillary Clinton! Men have tried to bring peace to this world and fail. Now let's give the MILF a chance!

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Anonymous said...

youre obviously not serious about this topic. it seemed like some sort of joke you. your the kind of people that are wrong with this world. shut up.

Random passer-by said...

this surprisingly helped me with my assignment based on religion, we probably need more people like you in the world. I personally liked your reference of Terrorism to the likes of Star Wars 'You can't point it at someone without it pointing at you.'

I don't believe you took it as a joke.. you just didn't take it as seriously as some extremist's 'shove this down your throat' kind of people do.

"We do not have to love each other to get along. We just have to respect each other and our diverse cultures." PREACH!