Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Superhero Movie Review. Lamer Than A Dead Donkey?

The trailers for this movie promised so much. However, it looks like they took the best bits from the movie for the trailer. The rest of the movie is pretty crap. It's based quite closely along the Spiderman I storyline and is about a wanker/hero called dragon-dumb-ass-fly man, I think. This is firmly aimed at the imbecilic teenager age group. You can tell by the extended farting scene which lasted about 5 minutes -I kid you not- and was really painful. Believe me, even without the farting scene the movie would still stink. Like most 'gag' movies, this is full of the usual obligatory pop-culture references like iPods, Facebook, Google, Enron, etc. but there is nothing really creative in the way that they are mis-represented or 'gagged.'

The best gags were Tom Cruise acting like a nut on you tube and Leslie Nielson nailing the black friend's hand to the counter top with a nail gun. The black friend is pretty funny and he would have made a good sidekick to dragon-loser-fly man, and injected something different into the movie. Instead, all you get is a weird caricature of the spiderman movie with a couple of really unfunny gags and cheap super hero uniforms that look like they came from K-mart. Except for Pamela Anderson. She looks really hot as Invisible girl. Dang! Other super hero appearances include Xavier appearing as a black man - but not saying 'dawg' and 'for rizeal' like a proper homeboy, Wolverine shaving his legs with his Adamantium claws instead of licking his balls like a real animal and Mr Fantastic screaming 'flameo' instead of 'lameo' and turning into the human torch. Ouch!

On a day where you don't have anything more exciting to do than smashing your thumb with a hammer, go watch this movie. On the other hand considering the stupendous horribility of this move smashing your thumb might be the better option. Honestly the gags are lamer than a three legged donkey with a serious case of arthritis and a Fonzy haircut, and sadder than Michael Jacksons life. Wait for the DVD, and when it does comes out, bury it in the garden.

The Good- Leslie Nielson nailing that black-ass's hand with the nail gun. Hilarious

The Bad- Pretty much everything outside of Leslie Nielson and the nail gun.

The Ugly- Extended farting scene that puts fart-a-holics like Eddie Murphy to shame. The fart scene stinks so much that it will shit you. Trust me.

Alternatives- Gnawing your toes to the bone would be less painful.

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