Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top 10 Reasons A Non-Tibetan Will Join The Anti-China Protest

Home of the Anti-Anti-China Protests. Here are the top 10 reasons a NON-Tibetan will join an Anti-China rally. It assumes that the 'NON-Tibetan' is of sound mind and is not a loser with too much time on their hands.

10. You notice that there are hot chicks protesting on your TV and you fancy your chances with them.

9. You hate China because although your iPod only costs $300 instead of $1000 because it's made in China, China still doesn't produce blow-up dolls.

8. Millions of children die in Africa due to lack of food an medicine but you prefer protesting because you want to shout and make a nuisance of yourself rather than actually help save people.

7. Terrorism and genocide in third world countries claim thousands of lives a year, but you don't want to protest 'THOSE' crimes because you might actually get hurt by people who would really hurt you. You just want it to look like you're being hurt by the cops.

6. You married a yak when you were on holiday in Tibet and you have family there.

5. Keanu Reeves like spent 7 years in Tibet and like Richard Gere is like the Dalai Lama's homy, so like wow, like you know, yeah protest or something. Like what-eva.

4. Got piss drunk with friends on Friday night. Went to sleep on the piss drenched pavement. Woke up with a Tibet flag draped around you, a French cop applying the choke hold around your neck and a Chinese torch guard preparing to round-house your head.

3. You wanted to prove Simon Cowell wrong at the Idol tryouts when he said that you were too ugly to be on radio let alone TV.

2. The Whaling has stopped, so you need a new job.

1. Your espoused governmental and spiritual leader of Tibet told you NOT to. But you thought we was winking when he said so.

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Anonymous said...

this is simply ridiculous.

you know, sites like these are lame.

I don't even see the reason why I'm writing this and wasting time on you stubborn people who put up stuff as stupid and uneducated as this.

Anonymous said...

Man, the person above has a point.

Anonymous said...

Man, the person above has a point.

Anonymous said...

Yup. This is really stupid, dumb and unreasonable.

Why do they even bother to put this up? Goodness.

Anonymous said...

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