Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big Brother 2013 Australia

Ok so Big Brother is trying to make anohter comback. Big Brother was dead, it was resuscitated and it died again. An now chanel 10 is trying to reussrect the half decomposed corpse of big borther again. Hello Zombie! We've always been huge fans of bigbrother, profved thare was a log of fighting, crying, turkey slapping, hand jobbing and panty flashing action. I don't want to watch morons stuck in a house all day. If I wanted to, I would watch friends. We want the naughty stuff. We want lewdness, toplessness and hopefully some sex action! Sexy Sonia Krueger will be the new host of this latest incarnation of big brother. She's a hot gal and she should do well. Compared to the ill fated Kyle and Jackie-Os dog breakfast of a hosting of BB last time, a dead person will do better.

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