Thursday, April 3, 2008

IRAQ: US Soldiers Shoot Insurgents. Australian Soldier Shoots Himself

Ever since George W. Bush opened another can of Vietnam by invading Iraq, things have not looked good. 4000 US soldiers have thus far given their lives to this questionable cause with unquestioning bravery. These soldiers died killing insurgents! But, please spare a thought for Australian private Jacob Kovco (28) who died killing himself in April 2006. A Sydney inquiry has just recently comprehensively proved that private Jacob Kovco was arsing around and shot himself in the head. However, the Jury stated that solace could be gained by the fact that the shot was executed professionally. This inquiry almost 2 years after his death has justifiably angered his family. The inquiry also found out that while Kovco was busy shooting himself in his room, a fellow soldier was allegedly surfing for porn and another listening to music in the same room.

Private Kovco has outdone his US brethren. The US GIs kill insurgents. Sure, the insurgents are fanatical, but they are poorly trained, hungry, diseased and lack equipment. Private Kovco, on the other hand has shot a highly trained, professional, healthy soldier - himself. Kudos!

The moral of the story is that war really sucks, you'll get a jack-ass in every invasion, and he will most probably-rather than not-be from Australia. If you are going to send soldiers into a war zone. Send them to fight, not just hang around doing recon and protecting consulate staff.

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