Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Are The Anti-China Tibet Protesters Ruining the Olympics for Everybody?

Why do these Anti-China protesters assault the poor torch bearers and try to snuff out the flame? They attack poor innocent, and at times young people. It's terrible to see the torch bearer's face turn from sheer joy to abject horror as these protesting thugs attack them. They are disrespecting all the athletes who have trained hard and injected untraceable amount of steroids, the sponsors who have spent a small country's GDP to secure sponsorship and the sports fans.

The Dalai Lama has asked for the protests and the violence to stop fearing that there will be a backlash in China. Not that he's bothered about the people actually getting hurt due to the violence. Looks like nobody cares what the head of the exiled government and Spiritual leader have to say.

So the question remains as to who the heck are these protesters. Most of them don't even look vaguely Tibetan. I understand the plight and anger of a true Tibetan refugee who might still fear for his family and friends back in Tibet, and would wish his country to be free from Chinese rule. But western looking protesters who appear to have no Tibetan blood? Who the hell are they? Do these non-Tibetan losers have soo much time on their hands as to espouse this cause with such vigour? Did they perhaps once visit Tibet and get drunk there? Or maybe made love to a Yak and so have family there? Why don't they concentrate on more pressing issues such as world hunger and terrorism that claims lives of men, women and children everyday.

I must admit that I get a thrill out of watching police officers take down protesters. Reminds me of WWE and Nintendo's Pro Wrestling but without the pretense. But, I digress. China is going to host the Olympics, come hell or high water. So why spoil it for everyone. By all means protest as much as you want. Go trash all the Chinese embassies, picket outside the White house, abuse the UN and apply the cross-face chicken wing on all members of the Olympic committee. But, please do not bother people who have no interest in Tibet. Some of us have more important issues like terrorism in our countries to worry about.

The Olympics is global event. By spoiling it you don't engender sympathy, you engender hate. And you don't have to be a Buddhist or a Jedi Knight to know that hate leads to suffering. My only regret is that the police are not allowed to use batons, spear tackles, round-house kicks, Piranha Bites and the Flying Cross-Chop on these blasted protesters. If you have too much time on your hands. Contribute to saving starving children in Africa. You might not appear on TV but god will thank you.

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Anonymous said...

You are right, people who live in a country where they are starving should not be bothered with other people who are suffering from human rights abuse, and likewise, the people who are suffering from human rights violation should not be bothered by starving children in other countries. That way, the world will remain as beautiful as it is.
People in West Europe and America should not sponsor poor children in Africa because they don't look like Africans. Do you think all these people who are sending food and money to Africa had been there as tourists and "fucked" elephants, because they are helping people there?
The Tibetan people are being killed the very moment I am wasting my time writing you. It might be your own personal motivation, but I tell you that the people you saw on TV protesting are actually not doing it just to be on TV. They are trying to be a voice of a voiceless people who get killed for doing the exact same thing in Tibet. These protesters are not doing anything against the athletes, but they are making a statement that China does not deserve to have the Olympic.
People like Desmond Tutu don't care who they look like physically, but reach across world and culture. Desmont Tutu last night supported Tibetan protesters. Look for news and open your eyes little wider before writing nasty things in your blog.