Thursday, April 10, 2008

Paris Hilton - Limerick Profile

There was once a hottie called Paris,
Who was famous for being an heiress;
Till she met Rick Solomon,
Good grief, she swallows man,
Now we're on first names with her clitoris.

She's had heaps and heaps of pets,
From kinkajous, dogs to ferrets;
But her fave was a bitch,
By the name Nicole Ritch,
Who she dumped and now really regrets.

She gulps sushi like a swallowing whore,
But colas and soft drinks get a no;
Luvs injections to her behind,
Of the sticky hot beef kind,
But also orders a lot of Taco Bell to go.

Many think she's a dim witted tart,
But reality is - she's really not smart;
Her most quotable quote,
And one worthy of note,
Is "Do they like sell walls at Wal-Mart?"

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Anonymous said...

This is really hilarious. Keep up the good work