Friday, May 9, 2008

Movie Reviews by the People's Critic

Ever wanted to know what to do on the day Mrs Palm and her five daughters decided to take a break? Wanted to know what movie to take your imaginary or possibly real date to, so you could literally impress the pants off her? Well wonder no more. Here are some movie reviews with in-depth and at times out-of-depth critiques ranging from acting and special effects to the sizes of cod-pieces. I don't go to the Cannes film festival, I hardly ever, I mean never get invited to red-carpet premiers and I never get to meet any celebs closeup because of my many injunctions. If you want to know what the people think of a movie and not what some high-brow asshat of a critic who insulted star wars, then this is the right place. Movie reviews that in most cases are more entertaining than the very movies themselves.

Super Hero Movie
Charlie Wilson's War
I am Legend

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