Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big Brother 2008 Australia, Housemate Roundup

Distributing Australia's Big Brother trash around the world!!!!

Channel 10 has hit rock bottom. No, lower that rock bottom. Channel 10 has hit the earth's inner core. BB08 looks like something pond scum wouldn't even touch. Here is a roundup of the lesser boring characters. Trust me, the rest are as smart as half a sea urchin and about as entertaining as a fully clothed Pamela Anderson with words instead of a dick in her mouth. Anyway it's time The rest of the world woke up to Big Brother Australia!

Rima: You can tell that BB is really scraping the bottom of the Barrel on this one. A midget that has done porno. Yuck. I would have loved to see any of the other girls in the BB house except Dixie in the nude, or better still having sex. But a midget? Crikey, she should have a paper bag taped over her head and stored in my grandma's closet. What is interesting is how she has sex with her full sized husband? Maybe he has a small dick,or maybe he is a dwarf fetishist, or probably both. She's every child molesters dream, to be able to molest a child like thing and not have the cops kicking down your door. Interesting facts on sex with a midget/dwarf.

Terri: A 52 year old Nazi Nana that thinks foreigners are the scourge of Australian Society. I wonder what the aborigines think of that, considering they were in Australia first. I bet if you go to her gulag and turn over all those little cutesy collectible figurines, you'll see 'made in china' under all of them. She's a tough old bigoted bitch who has a picture of Hitler under in her torture chamber basement where her husband can be regularly heard begging for mercy. If you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a female and Christian version of Saddam Hussein, good luck getting her into bed with you. Good bye if you did manage!

Dixie: A self confessed nymphomaniac hoochie mama with the ass a size of a good sized family car. The only thing that's stopping this sex maniac form having sex with a new guy everyday is the fact that she's pretty ugly. She's a BB first on three accounts. She's the first fat woman on BB and the first non-white woman on BB and definitely the one we want to see the least naked. She could wear house mate Travis as a thong and use house mate Renee as an angry tampon.

Travis: A squeaky voiced stick insect of a retard. His high pitched voice sounds like a he's had his balls bitten off by a dingo. Except that he didn't have balls to start off with. He's always hanging out with the girls and claims he isn't a homosexual. Pity, because except for a blind indiscriminate man i can't see anyone, let alone a healthy woman sleeping with this man-bimbo. I wish all the girls would get together and gang-rape the little bastard.

The Rest: Assorted good looking women and good looking blokes. Good thong/G-string and turkey slapping material.

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